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A Pond Place at Pondarama.com carries pond and lake aerators, pond fountains, pond circulators and aerating windmills for lake and pond, pond pumps, ultraviolet sterilizers, pond kits, pond supplies, pond accessories, pond lightning, pond-less waterfalls, pond pumps, and pond kits.

Lake Aerators and Pond Aerators Reduce Algae and Odor and Improve Water Quality.

Lake Aerators and Pond Aerators & Fountains:
are the solution to your pond management headaches. Reducing algae and foul odors, aerators improve your water quality. Choose from Floating Fountains that provide aeration and beauty; High Flow Surface Spray aerating fountains also break up stagnant water and discourage insect breeding; or Sub-surface aerators the complete aeration system unmatched by other methods.

Pond Pumps and Waterfall Pumps in All Shapes and Sizes to Suit your Specific Needs.

Pond and Waterfall Pumps: Choose from Submersible Pumps, External Pumps and Pumps that can be used in tabletop fountains or pond-less waterfalls and other water features and lakes. Repair parts and supplies for all pumps are also available. Please e-mail BJ@Pondarama.com with part numbers for availability and price.

Ultraviolet Sterilizers will Keep your Water Clean from Algae.

Ultraviolet Sterilizer: (UV Sterilizer) will keep your water clean from the one celled algae that causes the dreaded "Pea Green Soup" curse. A new pond will not have to go through the green stage with a properly sized ultraviolet unit. If a pond already has an algae explosion, a UV Sterilizer will clear the pond in two weeks.

Aquatic Plants: Adding Plants is the single most important thing you can do to add Balance & Water Quality - ensure your fish's quality of life,
water temperature, health & safety.

E-mail Customer Service to help you plan, build or maintain a water garden or fish pond. We can guide you step by step from selecting the size for your liner or pond kit, pump and filter, to your aquatic plants, accessories, supplies, fountains, and waterfalls.


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